Giving up her dog was Sister Shane's ultimate sacrifice.

The term "divine sandpaper" is perfect.

I agree that eating certain things blocks people from GOD, etc., but not eating certain things can also turn into an addiction/obsession. Happy that hasn't been SS's experience!

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Eliminating the backlog in a fun new subscription is cool.

Still don't get the trash pile thing although seeing an abandoned swiffer makes sense. I think lots of people buy them and once they see how much the refills cost, just abandon them in place and go back to a broom or something else. They are close to single use mops I think.

The interview with the nun was awesome. Why? She takes us on a spiritual journey related to not eating sweets. No matter what one of her answers was to a question, the NEXT QUESTION was on point and kept the interview going.

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After reading the newest Cafe Anne, episode 3, I've had to implement the rule, "No more reading Cafe Anne while in court," as laughing out loud destroys my "hard prosecutor" persona.

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