Do you think $tarbuxxx is secretly behind Links?

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Why is Sister NoSpiders the sole sister? Soul sister? Where is everyone???

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I’m so glad you covered the last pay phone story, which as it turns out, isn’t really about the end of the pay phone, but rather a cautionary tale of believing tabloid headlines, plus a second story about these Links. Thank you for doing the work!

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Anne your curiosity is hysterical and captivating! 😲😂

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LinkNYC kiosks also suck because they surveil you:


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May 30, 2022Liked by Anne Kadet

Thanks Anne! All my LinkNYC questions were answered, and appreciate the key beauty tip of being hygienic :)

LinkNYC, Hammocks, Nuns--Comparing and contrasting.

LinkNYC and Nuns- Connected to a higher power, Good for the right type of person, Charge you up, though slowly.

Nuns and Hammocks- Cheap, low tech, make you look up to the sky

LinkNYC and Hammocks- Lots of them but no one uses them

LinkNYC, Nuns and Hammocks- nouns, can be in new york

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