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CAFÉ ANNE is a weekly newsletter, published every Monday, created and written by Anne Kadet whose freelance work can most often be found in the Wall Street Journal, Fortune and Crain’s NY Business.


With a focus on New York City, CAFÉ ANNE takes a fresh look at the everyday, delights in the absurd, and often features profiles of unusual folks who truly do things their way.

Recent features included a look at the Naked Cowboy’s Morning Routine, a profile of New Jersey superhero Captain Bayonne and a look at the new NYC umbrella sharing service Rentbrella.

Regular departments include:

Weird Trash Pile

An analysis of a weird trash pile based on photos submitted by readers

Brooklyn Heights Style Blog

Fashion from New York City’s stodgiest neighborhood.

One-Star Reviews

One-star reviews left online for the best mankind has to offer.

Pet Songs

Videos of the made-up songs folks sing to their pets.

Department of Trying so Hard

So many people are trying so hard!

Beauty Tips from Nuns!

Secrets of inner and outer beauty from sisters of all faiths.


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