Feb 1, 2023

Comment Moderation

Here at CAFÉ ANNE, everyone’s comments are welcome! Anything goes, with two exceptions:

-If your comment maligns or attacks a specific individual or group of people, I will delete it.

-You are welcome to post links to your own newsletter, blog, song, product, service etc., but only if it’s relevant to the conversation. If it’s not relevant, I will delete it.


Here at CAFÉ ANNE, I recommend newsletters based on the following criteria:

-They are published on a regular basis.

-They are newsletters I find inspiring and enjoy reading.

-They cover topics and exhibit a sensibility that I think CAFÉ ANNE readers will enjoy. Typically this excludes publications devoted to controversial issues, self-help, politics or the author's inner life/personal life. There is nothing wrong with those topics, but I'm aiming to mainly promote newsletters that advance a curious, interested and friendly relationship with the world.

Please note: I do not participate in recommendation "swaps.”


-The sole criteria for what gets included in CAFÉ ANNE is what I think would be interesting and fun to write about.

-In general, the purpose of CAFÉ ANNE is to delight and amuse. CAFÉ ANNE does not tackle the tough issues, point out what people are doing wrong, explain how the system is failing or suggest solutions to the world’s problems. It tries to eschew politics, controversy, blame and hand-wringing. CAFÉ ANNE is a blog for fun.

-CAFÉ ANNE will treat story subjects and readers with consideration, kindness and respect. The reporting will be straightforward and accurate. Whenever possible, I will double check information with story subjects before I publish. When there is an error, I will publish a correction in the next issue.

Paywall Policy

CAFÉ ANNE will always be 100% free—no paywalls. It trusts that the readers who can afford a paid subscription will keep it going for those who cannot.


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