Thank you for your interest in placing a classified ad in CAFÉ ANNE!

What are CAFÉ ANNE classifieds for?

The section is open to both individuals and businesses in NYC and around the world.

Ads can promote just about any product or service—the more unusual the better!

CAFÉ ANNE also accepts promotions for other newsletters, help-wanted postings, “missed connections,” personal ads from folks seeking romance, shoutouts to friends, etc. Use your imagination!

What are the rules?

-Nothing illegal, please!

-Ad length is limited to 60 words.

-Please format your ad as a single paragraph with no line breaks, and include a short headline.

-One link or email address per ad, please!

How much does it cost?

-Rates start at $50 for ads from individuals that are entertaining or just for fun, and for promoting Substack newsletters.

-Rates are $100+ for larger businesses.

-I can make commission-only arrangements with those advertising products and services.

What are CAFÉ ANNE’s reader demographics?

-CAFÉ ANNE reaches 12,400 weekly subscribers.

-30% live in the NYC area and another 30% in the rest of the US. The remainder reside in 132 countries around the globe.

-CAFÉ ANNE readers in NYC typically reside in Brooklyn or Manhattan and work in creative, tech and professional occupations.

-The median age is 39, with 16% of readers under age 30, 34% ages 30-39, 15% ages 40-49 and the remainder age 50+.

-CAFÉ ANNE readers are curious, adventurous and like to have fun!

How do I pay?

Paypal or Venmo please.



How do I get started?

Email Anne at with your proposed ad; I’ll quote you a rate and we can go from there.