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CAFÉ ANNE is a weekly newsletter with a focus on New York City that takes a fresh look at the everyday, delights in the absurd and profiles unusual folks who do things their way.

It is created and written by Brooklyn journalist Anne Kadet, a startups columnist for Crain’s New York Business and former NYC columnist for the Wall Street Journal.


Recent features have included interviews with NYC chess hustlers, a profile of a NYC pet ambulance driver and an investigation into where the city’s street cart donuts are made.

Regular features include:

Senior Citizen Roulette

Mini interviews with random senior citizens found on NYC streets.

Weird Trash Heap

An analysis of a strange sidewalk trash pile based on photos submitted by readers.

Eric Adams Watch

Regular updates on the weird doing of the most idiosyncratic mayor in NYC history.

Pigeon of the Month

Q&A-style interviews with the city’s most compelling and opinionated birds.

Brooklyn Heights Style Blog

Fashion from New York City’s stodgiest neighborhood.

Beauty Tips from Nuns!

Secrets of inner and outer beauty from sisters of all faiths.


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Anne Kadet 
Anne is the creator of CAFÉ ANNE, a weekly newsletter devoted to all things innovative and delightful, with a NYC focus. She was previously the NYC business and trends columnist for the Wall Street Journal.